Lori W Allen

Lori W. Allen Founder, President

For over 20 years Lori W. Allen’s Profitable Practice Strategies has made a significant contribution to the success of over 300 clients.

Lori ensures long-term, sustainable growth and overall profitability for her clients, stressing efficiency, accountability, standardization of processes and protocols, and excellence in customer service.
Through every step of the process, Lori works closely with her clients to optimize the operations of their practice by implementing industry-specific standards to office layout, staffing, communications, statistics, financial management, office systems, training, and marketing and development programs.

In 2009 Lori added a full-service marketing and support division. PPS Design Studio delivers a customized marketing solution so clients can keep their current patients informed and attract new patients to their practice. As Profitable Practice Strategies grew, Lori knew she needed a place to suit goals she had set for her company. Her love of historic architecture and design lead her to Pittsburgh’s South Side Neighborhood where she found the perfect home for PPS. Built in 1892, the one-time restaurant, deli, and clothing store that now houses PPS was, under Lori’s supervision, carefully and artfully transformed into a cozy, welcoming environment, ideal for creativity, business, and education.

Growth, efficiency, and productivity are the elements of a driving mantra for Lori that she implements in her personal life, as well as for her clients. In spring 2013 Lori opened the Pittsburgh Training and Development Institute, offering a classroom setting for staff and administrative training and guidance. Hosting over 100 training classes, individualized sessions, seminars, and boot camps a year at PTDI, Lori is committed to the success, growth, and evolution of her clients and associates.

Lori conducts her Front Desk & Administrative Boot Camps multiple times a year in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and various other cities throughout the country. In order to deliver personalized and consistent education, she compiled her experience and expertise to develop three series of specific training modules: The Efficient, Effective, and Profitable Front Desk; Patient Care Coordinator and Exceptional Customer Service; and Marketing Excellence. Through Boot Camps, Seminars, Videos, Virtual Online Modules, Workbooks, and Accountability Exams, Lori caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs and goals.

Lori has been honored with invitations to share her practice management expertise, teaching at prestigious state organizations in Florida, Texas, and California. The Florida Chiropractic Association hosts the largest event for chiropractic worldwide, The National by FCA, where Lori presents and teaches. Lori is also a featured presenter and educator at the Texas Chiropractic Association and the California Chiropractic Association. Education has always been the foundation of Lori’s practice management model, and these teaching engagements are an opportunity for her to reach thousands of professionals across the country.

The Texas Journal of Chiropractic features Lori as a regular contributor.

Her success as a business leader has led to her popularity as a guest speaker. Lori has addressed audiences at the University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University, speaking on entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful in today’s market. She was invited to present as a key note speaker to the Pennsylvania Focus Group at its annual meeting, held during the International Vision Expo in New York City. She also had this honor at the Pennsylvania Optometric Partnership for Progress (POPP).

Lori was a past Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and finalist. In addition to her very full consulting and training schedule, Lori also enjoys traveling with her husband Ken, gardening, interior design, and playing with her dogs, Ricky and Sam.