Lori W Allen

Lori W. Allen Founder, President

For over 20 years Lori W. Allen’s Profitable Practice Strategies has made a significant contribution to the success of over 300 clients.

Lori ensures long-term, sustainable growth and overall profitability for her clients, stressing efficiency, accountability, standardization of processes and protocols, and excellence in customer service. Through every step of the process, Lori works closely with her clients to optimize the operations of their practice by implementing industry-specific standards to office layout, staffing, communications, statistics, financial management, office systems, training, and marketing and development programs.

In 2009 Lori added a full-service marketing and support division. PPS Design Studio delivers a customized marketing solution so clients can keep their current patients informed and attract new patients to their practice. As Profitable Practice Strategies grew, Lori knew she needed a place to suit goals she had set for her company. Her love of historic architecture and design lead her to Pittsburgh’s South Side Neighborhood where she found the perfect home for PPS. Built in 1892, the one-time restaurant, deli, and clothing store that now houses PPS was, under Lori’s supervision, carefully and artfully transformed into a cozy, welcoming environment, ideal for creativity, business, and education.

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Brittany Krach

Brittany Krach Operations Manager/Client Liaison

Delivering solid expertise in client relationship building and maintenance while assisting in the graphic development of our creative marketing materials. Brittany Krach is a significant asset to PPS Headquarters and the glue that keeps our staff on task.

Growing up hours north, Brittany’s dream to move to Pittsburgh became a reality right out of high school. She received her degree in Graphic Design and had spent many years between print shops and facilitating a chiropractic office before joining our team at PPS. Her collected experience is essential in the evolving growth to our office.

Brittany’s job description includes client scheduling, event planning and boosting morale (primarily through witty humor and chocolate). When she is off the clock, Brittany enjoys attending sporting events, traveling around the country and channeling her inner Betty Crocker.

Things you might find Brittany doing at PPS:

  • Making sure day-to-day operations of PPS and PPS Design Studio are running smoothly and without a hitch
  • Pushing excellence and supporting team collaboration
  • Playing an essential role in critical decisions
Heather Palaski

Heather Palaski Editor-in-chief

After years of moving between North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Heather settled down in her dream destination with her fiance in Savannah, GA after completing her graduate studies in professional writing at Chatham University. Building upon her bachelors in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she has honed her writing to ensure accuracy, create narrative, and turn prose adding dimension to organizational communication.

A self proclaimed “word-nerd,” Heather’s passion for storytelling, research, and creativity combine to provide PPS and our clients the translation from concept to copy for a variety of deliverables and multimedia. Although always writing, when away from the office, essays, commentaries, short stories, and poetry replace the technical. Ideas hatch everywhere and Heather spends most of her time outdoors hiking, reading, and playing in nature (with a pen and notebook always handy).

Things you might find Heather doing at PPS:

  • Leading our brainstorming sessions
  • Adding her creative mind to the world of medicine
  • Collaborating to help create our educational materials