Client Testimonials

When I first experienced Lori Allen at a training for doctors and staff, I was surprised. After working with the best practice trainers in the chiropractic profession for the past 20 years, here was someone with exceptional business sense, certainty in her process and a genuine care for our patients and our practices. For the
past two years I have lectured with her to thousands of chiropractors and assistants and the response from audience is WOW! Lori gives you the tools to navigate this chaotic healthcare system and succeed. I have
interviewed many of her clients and they love her. If you have not experienced Lori Allen, you may want to consider meeting with her. I promise you it will be the best investment you will make.

-Dr. Fab Mancini

Working closely with Lori over the past year has allowed my practice to leapfrog to not just the next level, but 3 levels forward. I always come away from her events and her teaching excited, enthusiastic about practice, and with new ideas to continue to build my business and nurture my employees to help them be great. You meet a few people in your life who truly transform you, Lori Allen is one of those people. Not having Lori as part of your team is costing your hundreds of thousands of dollars. She is truly a consulting expert in our field. She tells it like it is, but more importantly gives you tangible tools in order for you to implement change and make your business better. Hire Lori, you will not regret it.

-Dr Jade Malay

Lori Allen has brought a disciplined structure to our team through consistent training and
standards that all teams should have, and she makes it work for every office environment. She is personable, practical, and her delivery is calculated and effective. She will help every team member in the office grow!

-Dr. Greg Logan

Profitable Practice Strategies and Lori W. Allen have simplified the processes and core fundamentals of running a busy patient centered chiropractic and integrated office. The systems are easy to implement and easy to duplicate with great rewards. Her training is like no other and increases staff accountability and measurable outcomes from the first training. Lori invests herself and staff with great passion and purpose to pull you toward your goals. I have been part of numerous management and training groups. PPS and Lori are the best at being staff centered and outcome driven. I highly recommend Lori and her team to be part of your team.

-Dr. Ken Olson

When I meet Lori I was so impressed with her front desk systems and procedures that I immediately signed up to have her come and consult my office staff. This proved to be a very wise and profitable decision. Why? Because, Lori did much more than whip the front desk into shape. She and her team also provided case manager training and step-by-step marketing campaigns, specifically designed for new patient generation, referral generation, and reactivation. Her video series is a complete “How-To” practice builder that allows you to continue to train your staff in between Lori’s visits.

Her dynamic personality is as fiery as her red hair and her energy and genuine concern for growth is palpable. Lori has become a trusted advisor and friend. My staff always looks forward to her visits and like me, they simply adore her. My decision to hire her was a no-brainier and I look forward
to working with her for years to come.

-Dr. Raj Gupta

Lori’s no-nonsense, direct approach to organization and system implementation has affected major improvement in our practice in as few as three months. Her dedication, focus, and guidance have elicited a great response from the staff as they establish better flow, greater income, and impressive productivity for the clinic by following her direction. Above all she is a fun-loving, good humored, family oriented woman who is dedicated to her work. When she is with us, we feel like the only focus of her career.

-Dr. Rudy Gehrman

I have known Lori Allen for 20 years, first as an employee and then as a marketing and healthcare consultant. When she headed my PR department she routinely produced over 120 new patients per month and as a consultant she is an expert in customer relations, training of front desk, case managers and marketing staff. Her knowledge of physical medicine and other healthcare fields enables her to guide and lead her clients expertly in this challenging economic time. Her graphics department is 1st rate and she creates an individualized and professional identity. She is honest, ethical and efficient and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

-Dr. Gary Hieronimus

I’ve been teaching practice systems for years, and I was very impressed with Lori’s knowledge and presentation. Lori’s systems are streamlined and excellent and were presented in a clear and useful way! We can’t wait to implement them and help take the practice to the next level. Thank you!!!

-Dr. Scott Frogley

We considered ourselves to have solid systems in place prior to Lori’s arrival. I have to tell you that I was thoroughly pleased to see the scripting, the logs, the level of accountability and the explanation for WHY we do things the way we do, presented in Lori’s system.

It just makes so much sense to see the process in writing so everyone can be held to the same standard. When I have staff turnover I simply get out the Front desk scripting, drill it with them their first week, and have them ready to handle scheduling effectively very quickly.

Gone are the days when I expect stats to fall when a new staff member is added. I cannot say enough positive things about how Lori has rejuvenated my staff’s passion and enthusiasm for their role as a vital part of this healthcare team. Thank you so much Lori.

-Julie Thorne – Dr. Steve Peyroux

Profitable Practice Strategies and Lori Allen have been our practice consultants for the last 17 years. In that time she and her staff have aided our practice in its growth from a single practicing chiropractor into a multidisciplinary facility through use of precise business planning, internal procedures and a strong external marketing plan. Lori’s professionalism and practical approach to our business has ensured its success and growth in the future with an understanding of a continually changing health care marketplace.

-Dr. Lamby Ginakes

Lori’s passion and commitment to her clients is second to none. Where else can you find a person who works with some of the most successful practices in the country to analyze your facility and give you the tools you need to prosper? I have been with Profitable Practice Strategies for a year and a half. The changes in the way we run our facility, and her effect on our bottom line has been a game changer. Lori and her outstanding support team have become an invaluable part of The Center for Spine Care and Mobility.

-Dr. Christopher Anselmi

When we needed help organizing, managing and marketing our busy MD/DC practice, Lori was the only person out there who had the experience and know-how to get the job done. She has helped us grow in every aspect of our practice, and her energy is contagious. Call PPS today!

-Dr. Randall Gregson

I have worked with consultants for my entire career. I did not think there was a service out there where the consultant came to the office and became part of my team to make the changes occur. What a breath of fresh air! Lori and her team are a part of my team, making things happen and figuring it out with us along the way so that her systems truly get implemented into our office. Thank you Lori for bringing this kind of service to your industry.

-Dr. Kevin Trembush

I highly recommend Lori’s service to anyone needing to grow their practice with proven strategies and training. My prescheduled patient appointments increased over 500% after the Front Desk Module.

-Dr. Jason Weigner

Lori provides a simple, no nonsense approach to practice management. She gives structure to all aspects of your office and integrates them with procedures to create high productivity and profit. Lori advises your various departments to streamline office flow and focus on accountability and great service. My staff enjoys her direct and practical approach. Lori’s job uations are simple and effective. The chaotic atmosphere in the office no longer exists. The focus of the clinic putting out fires has transformed to implementation and expanding service centers.

-Dr. Paul Constante