Lori W AllenLori W. Allen, Founder and President

For over 25 years Lori W. Allen’s Profitable Practice Strategies has skillfully bolstered financial and operational success for over 300 clients. As a specialist and expert in the field, Lori works with the largest chiropractic and physical medicine practices in the nation, and around the world.

Lori ensures long-term, sustainable growth and overall profitability for her clients, stressing efficiency, accountability, standardization of processes and protocols, excellence in customer service, patient education and improved clinical outcomes.

Through every step of the process, Lori works closely with her clients to optimize the operations of their practice by implementing industry-specific standards to clinical processes, staffing, communications, statistics, financial management, office systems, training, and marketing and development programs.

2018 brought the highly anticipated release of Lori’s first book, Sailing the 7 C’s to Successful Practice Management. To great acclaim, Sailing the 7 C’s is fast becoming a stable in guidance to success for practices throughout the country. Keep on the lookout for Lori’s next book coming in 2021!

Lori hosts clinical, administrative, and management excellence seminars nationwide and is a regular speaker at many prestigious educational institutions. In order to deliver personalized and consistent education, in 2015 she compiled her experience and expertise to develop PPS University, an online training tool with specializations in: The Efficient, Effective, and Profitable Front Desk; Patient Care Coordinator and Exceptional Customer Service; Marketing Excellence; and Advanced Business and Management Training. Through Boot Camps, Seminars, Videos, Virtual Online Modules, Workbooks, and Accountability Exams, Lori caters to a broad spectrum of educational needs and goals.

In spring 2013 Lori opened the Pittsburgh Training and Development Institute, offering a classroom setting for staff and administrative training and guidance. Hosting over 100 training classes, individualized sessions, seminars, and boot camps a year at PTDI, Lori is committed to the success, growth, and evolution of her clients and associates.

Lori has been honored with invitations to share her practice management expertise, teaching at prestigious state organizations. Lori is a featured presenter and educator at the Florida Chiropractic Association, the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors, the Texas Chiropractic Association, and the California Chiropractic Association. Education has always been the foundation of Lori’s practice management model, and these teaching engagements are an opportunity for her to reach thousands of professionals across the country. The Florida Chiropractic Journal and the Texas Journal of Chiropractic feature Lori as a regular contributor.

Lori was a past Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominee and finalist. In addition to her rigorous consulting and training schedule, Lori also enjoys traveling with her husband Ken, gardening, interior design, and playing with her dogs, Ricky and Sam.


ken-allen-PPS-2019Ken Allen, Director

After spending many years in the IT world, Ken has finally changed professions and has joined us at PPS. Ken brings a diversity of background and experience to our staff and he contributes to many of the client and seminar projects we develop. His people skills and energy are off the charts, and he brings this vigor to every interaction and endeavor at PPS.
Ken lives in Pittsburgh and Bonita Springs, FL with his lovely wife, Lori and his two dogs, Ricky and Sam.
Things you might find Ken doing at PPS:

  • Participating in our brainstorming sessions
  • Building powerful Power Points for events
  • Collaborating to help create our educational materials
  • Contributing to many of our published materials


Heather Palaski, Editor-in-Chief

After years of moving between North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Heather settled down in her dream destination with her fiance in Savannah, GA after completing her graduate studies in professional writing at Chatham University. Building upon her bachelors in journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she has honed her writing to ensure accuracy, create narrative, and turn prose adding dimension to organizational communication.

A self proclaimed “word-nerd,” Heather’s passion for storytelling, research, and creativity combine to provide PPS and our clients the translation from concept to copy for a variety of deliverables and multimedia. Although always writing, when away from the office, essays, commentaries, short stories, and poetry replace the technical. Ideas hatch everywhere and Heather spends most of her time outdoors hiking, reading, and playing in nature (with a pen and notebook always handy).
Things you might find Heather doing at PPS:

  • Leading our brainstorming sessions
  • Adding her creative mind to the world of medicine
  • Collaborating to help create our educational materials


ElenieElenie Kourouklis, Client Coordinator

For over 2 years Elenie has been your scheduling guru and liaison to Lori. When you call the office or have a scheduling question, it is Elenie who points you in the right direction. Many folks may say they are a “people person,” but believe us when we say, Elenie is the real deal. Next time you see Elenie at the PPS booth, or call the PPS office, be sure to ask about all the wonderful growth and training opportunities Lori provides.

Things you might find Elenie doing at PPS:

· Coordinating Lori’s impressive travel schedule
· Interacting with our fantastic clients
· Keeping the office organized and smooth

Sydney Warsing, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator

While completing her final year at Penn State University with a major in Public Relations, Sydney has been the hub of PPS PR and marketing projects. As many of you have seen through our enhanced presence, Sydney is an expert at social media and a fantastic writer of eye-catching materials. She has been a valuable addition to the team and her influence is seen online every day.

Things your might find Sydney doing at PPS:

· Curating informative posts and emails to keep our clients in the know
· Interacting with clients in the creation of creative materials
· Honing her graphic design skills


Michael Peterson, Chief Financial Officer

Michael has been part of the PPS family for over 8 years as Chief Financial Officer. Behind the scenes, and integral to the operation of PPS, Michael’s attention to detail and work ethic are eclipsed only by his gentle kindness and warm personality. Lori has the highest respect for his integrity and loyalty.

· Balancing and reconciling his accounts
· Interacting with co accounting firm
· Keeping Lori 100% informed on all areas of finance