Front Desk & Administrative Excellence Manual

In order to ensure long-term, sustainable growth and overall profitability, your practice needs to be running at the highest level of efficiency possible. This begins and ends at the front desk. The front desk of your practice is the hub of communication, organization, financial management. Our program addresses all aspects of operations of the front desk by educating employees through standardized processes that are sure to maximize profit, increase patient volume and retention, and grow the success of your practice.

Efficient, Effective, & Profitable: Front Desk & Administrative Excellence Module takes you through the five key factors of front desk success: Responsibility & Staffing, Multi-Scheduling, Recall, Exceptional Customer Service, and Statistical Analysis. Upon successful completion of the program, your office staff will firmly grasp the concepts that ensure that your patients’ long-term path to wellness is fulfilled through efficiency, and your practice will flourish.
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Responsibility & Staffing

The front desk staff is the nerve center of communication, organization, and financial management of a practice, and each member of the staff must be knowledgeable of, and accountable for their responsibilities. Our program lays out the specifics of each job description ensuring that all bases are covered and efficiency reigns.


Increasing patient visits and practice volume is the result of efficient, organized scheduling procedures, and multi-scheduling puts this power in the hands of the practice. Following our detailed instruction, your scheduling books will fill with continued patient visits, ensuring their continued wellness and your practice’s continued growth.


When a patient misses an appointment, it is important that the practice follows every available avenue to ensure a continued relationship with that patient. Recall is the patient recovery process that gets patients back on their wellness path and back into your office.

Exceptional Customer Service

The front desk is often the first impression put forth of your practice, and we will help to make certain that the best impression is made and lasting. Exceptional patient service needs to be included in every aspect of your daily practice, and our unique approach to service in the field of Physical Medicine will foster relationships that last and lead to retention and growth.

Statistical Analysis

Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting the statistics vital to your practice gives you the knowledge to keep improving and growing. Our program provides you with the forms and guidance necessary to put your numbers to work for you.