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Virtual Online Training Series

Lori W. Allen’s Instructional Videos and Virtual Online Modules are available now! We believe that staff training is an ongoing process, constant and evolving. The true path to growth, profitability, and overall success begins with a well-trained, engaged office staff all working together towards a common goal. Whether you are training a new employee, or reinforcing knowledge for existing staff, we’ve got you covered. Bring this invaluable resource to your office today! We offer a wide variety of purchasing and payment options available to suit the needs and budgets of all practices.

Get access to Lori W. Allen’s Educational Expertise, on Command

Training Videos Imagine having an expert available to train your staff at the touch of a button. Lori guides you through all of the components necessary for a successful physical medicine practice. These easy-to-follow and engaging educational videos are the next best thing to actually having Lori in your office.

Virtual Modules We understand that everyone learns differently, so we developed our in-depth Virtual Online Modules to delve into the details that build to the larger picture of growth and success.

Workbooks Follow along with the Virtual Online Modules, promote understanding, and increase retention as you begin to improve/implement Lori Allen’s standards, processes, and protocols necessary for growth and success.

Tests After you engage your staff in training, these tools bring the all-important measure of accountability to the learning process.

Watch Sample Clips

To the right are a list of clips from Lori W. Allen’s Instructional Videos & Virtual Online Modules. For questions or to purchase any of the packages, please call our office today at 412-765-2065.