The Perfect Patient

When you meet a new patient, it is a time of optimism. Both you and the patient enter into a relationship of shared goals, with the ultimate goal being a lifetime of wellness.  You set the course for this goal and the patient partners with you to see this course through.

But, what if the patient goes off course? What if the patient doesn’t understand the purpose? Who is responsible for the attainment of the goals?  Through Sailing the 7 C’s to Successful Practice Management, you will learn how to ensure that the communication dynamic between you and your patients is successful and your educated patient will have the understanding and tools to be the Perfect Patient.

Who is the perfect patient? Would you know them if you saw them?  What if I told you that the qualities of the perfect patient are attainable in practically every person you care for?

As a doctor, you are, by default, an educator. You and you staff have the power to ensure that your patients are educated and that this knowledge produces the ideal patient/doctor relationship.

Side by side, let’s identify the contrasts between a lack of patient education and the benefits you can see when patient education is defined and perfected in communication in your practice.

                    Sinking Ship                      Setting Sail
Patients dropping out of care early Patients who value their treatment plan
Patients who consistently miss appointments Prompt and dedicated patients entering into care with excitement
Patients who balk at paying their co-pay Copays are current and financials are agreed upon and understood
Patients who do not understand the Phases of Care Patients who look forward to progressing through care to achieve a lifetime of wellness
Patients who push back at the front desk when scheduling Patients who understand the frequency of their treatment plan
Patients who do not understand the value and benefit of care Patients who are driven by their motivation and know that your care will get them there
Patients who will not consider your Wellness Program A lifetime of wellness is your patient’s ultimate goal


Patients who comply, pay for their service, follow the rules of their treatment plan, and after treatment, refer a friend… The Perfect Patient! How many of those have you treated lately? Sailing the 7 C’s to Successful Practice Management holds your key to unlocking the power of patient education.  Order your copy today!